Meet Andrea, joined Interroll in 2013 – just opened a new sales unit in Italy

Service manager and application engineer, Milan, Italy

I am the Service manager and application engineer in charge of servicing Italy.

The last months I have personally taken care of the new office that has been opened in Cornaredo, Milan searching for suppliers and managing of offers. Now I’m looking forward to plan and promote these services within Italy.

The main reason why I choose Interroll was the challenge to open a new sales unit and to create everything from scratch. The building was totally empty and all the basic necessities like tools, compressor lines and electrical set up was absent and I had to order and organize everything on my own. Of course I had a lot of responsibility, but I promised to arrange everything in time and now I feel very proud to have reached my goal.

Another motivation factor why I joined Interroll is the willingness to widen my skills and knowledge, maturing in new competencies while deepening the already acquired expertise. At the moment I'm also involved in some cases in the Sales area, which is completely new, but also very interesting for me.

When a breakdown occurs and I am able repair it- it makes me feel good and useful, furthermore you can see immediately the result of your work. One needs to use both body and mind to understand what is wrong and how to rectify the problem at hand.

It's a first for me being employed within such a big company and my doubt was that maybe I will only be a number but, Interroll showed me that I’m an important asset to them and for this I am very happy.

My long term objective is to grow my knowledge and expertise in respect to technical know-how or even equal to a technician’s experience so I will be able to suggest new solutions to my customers. I would then furthermore like to increase my knowledge in respect to all Interroll products to become an application engineer. My biggest wish is to be involved in the development of the products.

Regarding my language skills I have set myself a timeline of 5 years to improve my English and to learn German as well.

I have a lot of engagement for my job, but of course I also need my free time to compensate. I love sports: mountain trekking and hiking, basketball, kung Fu (1° Chi) and I’m a Yoga Ingra Trainer.

Furthermore I like reading, especially novels about fairy tales and the America Indian poetry.