Meet Laura who helped building up the Italian sales unit from scratch

Internal Sales in Milan, Italy

I’m working for the Internal Sales department in our location in Italy.

After working in the B2B division of Panasonic for 10 years I joined Interroll in 2013 because they decided to open a new office in Italy and I liked it be part of the start-up. Working for a multinational company gives you also a lot of opportunities to learn and grow within this international structure.

I really love my job as I am in contact with customers and colleagues from different countries every day. This gives me the possibility to improve my professional skills and language knowledge.

Even if Interroll is a worldwide company, the Italian start-up consisted just of six people and we all started working together at the same time. We shared our experiences, our mistakes, our doubts and together we are learning and growing. I have the feeling working with members of my family.

For me every day at Interroll is exciting. Speaking to customers about applications, technical solutions and finally finding the right product for their needs is truly inspiring… particularly when you did not even know what that product was a few months before.

My long-term objective is becoming an “expert” of our products.

Visit the customer locations and understand not only our products but also where and how they are used; finding the best solutions and boost the growth in Italy with my effort and skills.

My best moment until today was the moment when my boss came to me and said: “Thanks a lot! Without you this would not have been possible!” This makes you feel really respected and proud of yourself … all of the stress and the tons of hours spending in the office to finalize everything were just worth it!

Beside Interroll I have two small children that take all of my time outside the office. I love to stay with my friends, dancing and listen to music. I also love to travel around the world discovering other cultures and places.