Interroll Products

Steel Conveyor Wheel Series 2200

This series is universally applicable, can be used in freezer areas and as side guide wheel.

The steel conveyor wheel excels with its high...

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Omniwheel Series 2500

Crossings and switches can easily be implemented with the direction-independent turnability. Driven and non-driven conveyor segments, e.g....

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Steel Ball Transfer Unit Series 5000

Alignment of medium-heavy and heavy materials, such as plates or containers with a smooth bottom. For pushing, e.g. steel or wooden plates....

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Polymer Ball Transfer Unit Series 5500

The roller is used for aligning medium-heavy materials, e.g. plates, containers or cardboards with smooth bottom. Furthermore, the roller...

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Wheel Track Floway Series

The track is universally applicable and suitable for light materials. It can be used in gravity conveyors, pushing and also as side guide....

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