Support Stands RM 5704

The Support Stands RM 5704 consist of robust aluminium profile upon which the conveyor modules are mounted. They are fixed to the conveyor side frame via a top coupling bracket and due to two nested profiles within the adjustment range infinitely telescopic.

General technical data

Max. load capacity

661 lb (300 kg)

Ambient temperature

+40 to +125 °F (+5 to + 50° C)

Side profile

Combinations of profile heights left/right

Suitable for all profile combinations

Number of cross members

1 with 14 to 31.5" (350 to 800 mm) top of roller height
2 with 31.5" to 55" (800 to 1,400 mm) top of roller height
3 with 55" to 80"(1,400 to 2,000 mm) top of roller height

Support Stands RM 5704 (PDF. 172 KB) Download