Spiral Belt Curve BM 4097

The Belt Curve BM 4097 is the only spiral curve on the market using cylindrical end rollers. This means there is not a large gap to fill between the end rollers of the curve and adjacent conveyors. The belt is tracked using a bead and bearing arrangement so nothing needs to be lubricated. The Belt Curve BM 4097 is nearly silent in operation producing under 68 dBa. The BM 4097 can safely transport goods at 15° centerline (of BF) incline.

Multiple curves may be combined on a common structure to produce limitless changes in elevation. For example, a 720 spiral curve can be created by combining four (4) 180° curve modules.

General technical data

Max. load capacity

35 lb/ft (50 kg/m)

Conveyor speed

400 ft/min (2 m/s)

Minimum top of belt height

13.75" (350 mm)


Rated voltage

115 to 230 V / 1 PH / 60 Hz
230 to 460 V / 3 PH / 60 Hz

Motor type

Shaft-mounted gear motor

Drive type

Proportional friction wheel drive

Diameter end rollers

3.15" (80 mm) cylindrical


Conveyor belt

Endless two-ply polyester fabric with polyurethane cover and polyurethane tracking bead at perimeter

Slider bed

Carbon steel

Support legs

Structural steel

Side frame

Side frame

Aluminium extrusion, 7" (180 mm) high

Side guide

Aluminium extrusion or fabricated steel