Key sorting elements such as transfers, diverts, lifts, stops, etc., can be combined with belt and roller conveyors and realize basic conveying functions such as stopping, distributing, lifting and lowering unit loads. They are often critical in system layout planning as their sorting performance can have a significant impact on the overall system throughput.

Throughput levels of up to 3,600 pieces per hour in on-the-fly mode ensures that transfer and divert points don’t become significant bottlenecks in your conveying line. Mechanically designed as true plug-and-play elements, maintenance and on-site interventions require significantly less time than alternative systems, your guarantee for highest system availability.

Interroll Products

Single Blade Stop RM 5775

The Single Blade Stop RM 5775 is an electrically actuated stop that is raised between the roller pitches in order to stop or accumulate...

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End Stop RM 5774

The end stop is a permanently mounted mechanical conveyor line termination for the stopping and accumulating of approaching material. The...

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Lift Up Gate RM 5741

The lift up gate allows access to areas to the rear of the conveyor installation and also presents a quick escape route in case of danger....

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Lift RM 6008

This vertical conveyor consists of a column construction and a carriage upon which conveyor components can be mounted. Lifting motion is...

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