Depending on the unit loads conveyed, performance targets and spatial conditions, sorters with either a horizontal configuration (circular structure) or vertical configuration (linear structure) can be deployed.

Interroll Sorters are designed for efficient transport of all kinds of goods. Crossbelt sorters can quickly and reliably sort and transport goods with weights of between 50 g and 35 kg. Interroll Sorters are used in a wide range of areas, for example for transporting various goods:

  • containers
  • boxes
  • parcels
  • large mail items
  • bundles of letters
  • mailing bags

Interroll Sorters are highly developed machines with extremely robust mechanical and non-sensitive electronic systems. A sorter can easily be in use for ten years without requiring maintenance.
Throughput rates of 2,000 to 15,000 units per hour make the Interroll Crossbelt Sorter a highly efficient sorter for goods of all types.

With the horizontal crossbelt sorter, goods can also be transported in curves and up or down slopes. This makes for an extremely flexible, three-dimensional sorting system.

The vertical crossbelt sorter has a space-saving design and enables precise discharge and careful transport.

Mechanical Sorting Principle

The benefits are patently obvious

The main feature of the sorter is the crossbelt carrier with patented mechanical drive. They run on polyurethane coated wheels in aluminium profiles (linear sorter) or on steel tubes (horizontal sorter) and are pulled by a rubber block chain belt.

Once a crossbelt carrier reaches its intended destination, a pneumatically actuated plate makes contact with a drive wheel mounted underneath the chassis of the crossbelt carrier. In this way, the motion of the carrier is converted into driving the crossbelt, bringing the goods gently to their desired destination.

Easy mechanical discharge technologies

The design guarantees mechanical robustness and low maintenance, and the sorter's electronic components have been deliberately kept to a minimum. This saves costs and time when servicing. Positive drive of the mechanical crossbelt sorter is achieved via high-performance helical geared motors.

Each crossbelt carrier is connected to the next by a steel wire reinforced rubber block chain with linked attachments. Compared to sorters with linear motors, this type of drive increases efficiency and saves energy. Cutting even more costs! Moreover, the direct drive considerably facilitates tracking and requires just one rotary pulse encoder. Low noise operation results in a pleasant, quiet working environment.

Sorter chutes

The new Magnetic Speed Controller MSC 50 provides gravity roller conveyors with significantly improved functionality, resulting in higher process reliability. Lightweight materials start up reliably, there is no need for laborious manual pushing, and employees contribute in a value-adding manner. Optimal braking of heavy materials, thereby significantly increasing safety in the workplace and preventing expensive damage to sensitive goods. With MSC 50, new installations can be planned perfectly, and existing installations can be retrofitted without any problems.

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