Drum Motor 138i

  • Salt-water-resistant aluminium bearing housings
  • 3-phase AC induction motor
  • Dual voltage
  • Integral motor protection
  • Steel-hardened helical spur gear
  • Low noise
  • Maintenance-free
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Reversible
  • Reinforced shaft for SL above 35.43"

Motor data

Motor type

Asynchronous squirrel cage motor, IEC 34 (VDE 0530)

Insulation class of motor windings

Class F, IEC 34 (VDE 0530)


230/460 V 3-phase ±5% (IEC 34/38) (Most of the internationally common voltages and frequencies are available upon request)


50/60 Hz

Shaft seal, internal

Double-lipped, NBR

Protection rate


Thermal protection

Bi-metal switch

Operating mode


Ambient temperature, 3-phase motor

+41 to + 104°F

Ambient temperature for step-down motors

+41 to + 104°F

Rated power, 3-phase motor

0.24 to 1.34 HP

Rated speed, 3-phase motor

16.08 to 472.36 ft/min

Rated torque, 3-phase motor

186.2 to 1286.1 in-lb

Max. tube length SL


Drum Motor 138i (PDF. 760 KB) Download