The modular platform strategy serves as the basis for the many benefits of the new drum motor generation, which will be used initially with all asynchronous and synchronous motor types with an 3.21" diameter, and expanded to the entire product range in the future.

Thanks to its modular flexibility, the new drive generation makes it significant easier to plan and implement highly efficient and user-specific material-handling solutions.

Drum Motor benefits

More options, one drive solution: An extended number of gear stages broadens the range of speeds so that one drive solution is sufficient for all current and future uses. Furthermore, all options like encoders, brakes, or backstops are available for all motors.

More performance, more configurations: The extended range of variants for the motors from 0.034 HP to 0.570 HP covers all conceivable uses in the food industry, material handling, and manufacturing.

Tested quality, innovative technology: All motor components are standardized, and thoroughly tested. For our customers this means shorter delivery times.

Simplified construction, more service, lower costs: Since all motors have the same shafts, the variety of parts is reduced to a Minimum, resulting in a fundamentally easier conveyor construction - no matter if a synchronous motor or an asynchronous motor is needed. Replacement parts are available worldwide through Interroll and service partners provide fast and professional repairs.

Flexibility: watch the animation

More stable: The 30 mm shaft on Interroll’s new drum motors is significantly stronger, allowing for higher belt Tension as it does not bend even under higher load and at the same time, protects the ball bearings. The customers is on the safe side even with a non-optimal belt tensioning.

Fewer breakdowns: A stable planetary gear box delivers a high torque in all motors, holds up against bending, and resists against overload and impact load. The result is safer, more reliable operation.

Certified quality: All critical components and mechanical connections have been subject to stringent endurance testing. Our engineering laboratory's expertise has been confirmed by practical tests with customers.

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All drum motors in the new generation meet the highest requirements and are fitted with the highest degree of IP69k protection, which makes cleaning the facility much faster and easier and also reduces the risk of product contamination in the food processing area.

The PTFE-sealing allows a high pressure cleaning with chemicals according to ECOLAB specifications.



Ultra-hygienic: watch the animation

The new drum motor platform is not only easy to operate but also to install, mount, and maintain. The plug-in connection serves as a true plug-and-play solution for faster, easier initial installation, maintenance, and repairs.

Complete disassembly is not needed for motor maintenance or the replacement of a damaged cable. Customers save time, lower costs and reduce potential downtime.

Plug-and-play: watch the animation

The modular design of the DM 0080 allows a free combination of individual module groups, such as shaft, end cover, shell, steel or technopolymer gear, asynchronous or synchronous motor winding, to perfectly meet the requirements of an application.

Technical Data

Motor technology  Asynchronous  Asynchronous  Asynchronous  Asynchronous  Synchronous 
No. phase  3-phase  3-phase  1-phase  1-phase   
Diameter  3.21"  3.21"  3.21"  3.21"  3.21" 
Material gearbox  Steel  Technopolymer  Steel  Technopolymer  Steel 
Rated power  .054 - .188 HP  .054 - .100 HP  .034 - .148 HP  .034 - .148 HP  .194 - .570 HP 
Rated torque  .83 - 35.28 lbf-ft*  1.89 - 11.98 lbf-ft*  .47 - 23.13 lbf-ft  2.66 - 12.63 lbf-ft  1.24 - 38.35 lbf-ft 
Max. Belt pull   264 lbf*  90 lbf*  173 lbf  94 lbf  287 lbf 
Velocity of the shell  8 - 612 fpm*  17 - 220 fpm*  10 - 490 fpm   10 - 177 fpm  0.08 - 2.72 m/s 
Drum width (FW)  7.56 - 43.31 in.  9.13 - 43.31 in.  7.56 - 43.31 in.  9.13 - 43.31 in.  7.28 - 43.31 in. 
Friction drive belt           
Positive drive belt     
Without belt      

Drum Motor DM 0080

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