ConveyorControl is a versatile control system for RollerDrive EC310, particularly for use in conveyors with zero pressure accumulation. The flexible solution consists of four control modules with varying functions. A Windows-based software is used for addressing and parameterizing the modules. The connection to the voltage supply and communication of the modules is ensured with simple cabling using flat ribbon cables. The cables, which are identical to AS-i cabling, are quickly and securely connected to the modules using piercing technology. The design of all modules and other components of the system according to the degree of protection IP54 corresponds to the requirements of industrial systems.

The four control modules include SegmentControl, ComControl, CentralControl and GatewayControl.

SegmentControl controls up to two zones of a conveyor. Each zone consists of a RollerDrive EC310, several conveyor rollers and a zone sensor. Additional inputs and outputs are not available.

ComControl is responsible for the control of one zone of a conveyor. Similar to SegmentControl, a connection for a RollerDrive and for a zone sensor is available. In addition, there are two additional inputs and 3 additional outputs. ComControl is used where additional input or output signals must be wired or a branching of the communication line is necessary.

CentralControl controls the data exchange between the modules. A USB interface allows connecting a USB line and, as a result, a connection to a computer. With the help of the computer and the configuration software, all modules can be addressed and parameterized. Up to 100 modules, that is, approximately 200 zones, can be connected to one CentralControl.

GatewayControl essentially offers the same functions as CentralControl: Data exchange between the modules and also a USB interface. But the crucial difference is the interface function to a fieldbus via an M12 connector. For the fieldbuses Profibus, Profinet and EtherNet/IP, the GatewayControl enables the connection to a master control system.

The Configurator enables creating of a layout and, as a result, setting the parameters of each drive, each sensor and many logistics functions. In addition, the Configurator simplifies addressing the modules. The operating software is available under Downloads/Software.

In principle, the use of CentralControl or GatewayControl provides different control options. With the help of CentralControl, a conveyor with zero pressure accumulation can be easily set up. It operates independently, without PLC and offers necessary connections for handshake signals at the required points via ComControl.

If GatewayControl is used instead of CentralControl, two application options are offered: "Full PLC control" or "I/O PLC control". In each case, a connected PLC receives the status of each connected RollerDrive and each sensor. The exact fault status of each component can also be analyzed. In case of an "I/O PLC control", the PLC can affect the existing logic for zero pressure accumulation by using a variety of functions and change basic functions, such as speed or direction of rotation, during operation. The main function "Full PLC control" can also be selected as an alternative. In this case, each drive can be freely controlled via the PLC or each sensor status can be queried. There are many control options beyond transporting with zero pressure accumulation, e.g., it is possible to control a diverter.

Rated voltage

24 V DC

Temporarily permissible voltage range

19 to 26 V DC

Protection rate


Ambient temperature in operation

-30 to +40 °C

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