The Interroll Queue-Flo is a perfect solution whenever a positive drive queuing conveyor or short, wide belt conveyor is required. The positive drive system ensures belt tracking without special adjustments and rugged dependability under heavy-duty induction or metering applications. The Queue-Flo is ideal for indexing, as the chain drive assures no belt drift. It is also ideal as a “gap” conveyor where a short length and wide belt width are required.

Technical data

Ancho de la correa

Up to 60" (61" between sideguards)

Longitud máx. del módulo

20 to 240"

Capacidad de carga máx.

40 lbs./linear foot, 500 lbs. total load

Velocidad de transporte

max. 350 fpm

Altura de perfil


Sistema de accionamiento

#50 roller chain with attachment links


Piñones de cadena de rodillo final


Diámetro de rodillo final


Banda de transporte

PVOP (Queuing) Flexam EF 10/2, +A22 Black AS FR (Accumulation)

Costura de la banda

Clipper lacing

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