Interroll at IPPE 2018: come see us at booth B-5969

For over fifty years, Interroll has been a leading supplier of products for internal logistics in the food industry. Interroll drum motors meet the most stringent stipulations for safe, hygienic food processing applications. The products are certified and approved by both the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Interroll also offers products for efficient flow storage operation, as well as conveyor modules and sorters featuring 24-volt DC drive technology – innovative solutions that comply with ever stricter hygiene, safety, efficiency and automation specifications. Made by Interroll.

Brilliant speed control: As further highlight we will show the world premiere, our new intelligent Magnetic Speed Controller 50 (MSC 50). The MSC 50 allows efficiently controlled speed on the declined conveyors, sorter chutes or spirals. Light goods run up reliably and heavy goods are perfectly decelerated. Additionally, the innovative magnetic eddy current brake increases the safety at the working space.

Belt Drives for the New Generation

Flexible, Robust and Ultra-Hygienic.

The new Drum Motor platform from Interroll combines the different motor concepts in a single design and makes it easy for customers to build their own and completely individual conveyor system.


Synchronous Drum Motor in food processing

Market leader groups such as Nestlé, Emmi, Danish Crown, Frito-Lay, Virto, Coca-Cola or MerAlliance use conveyor technology provided by the global Interroll Group. Quickly installed, these solutions shorten the return on investment of the material handling systems, from production right up to distribution.


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Food Industry does not only mean food processing, but also sorting, storage and transport of packed goods. So next to the ultra-hygenic products like our certified drum motor, the Interroll 24 technology conveyor and Crossbelt sorter offer highly efficient, zero maintenance solutions for distribution.

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White paper: Drum motors and gear motors in food manufacturing.

A study of the University of Parma compares drum motors and gear motors in the food industry. The results speak loud and clear.

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Fact Sheet: Food processing

Interroll customers recognize Interroll Drum Motor as a smart solution for safe and hygienic food manufacturing operations. Our Industry fact sheet shows you why.

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USDA certification

USDA awards the Interroll Drum Motor with certification: "The new drum motor is the most hygienic drive available for food manufacturers".

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