Interroll has maintained a genuine interest for the tire and automotive industry for many years. Together with leading system integrators around the world, smart products like the energy-saving 24V RollerDrive, intelligent controls and compact drum motors have been successfully installed and repeated many times at companies like Good Year, Continental, Bosch and Pirelli. Zero-pressure accumulation concept and 24V technology are actually being used in tire conveying thanks to several advantages, like no risk of damages on tires, very low energy consumption, etc.

At Interroll we are passionate about tires and cars. We offer quality, ease of use and speed. Together with our partners—system integrators around the world—we provide specific solutions for the tire industry and meet the requirements of our global customers with our products and the unique network of Interroll.

Maurizio Catino, Industry Sales Manager Automotive & Tire
Interroll Group

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24-volt drive technology in continuous conveyor systems

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Interroll’s smart products for the tire industry

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Interroll: long‐standing, trusted supplier to leading system integrators in the tire industry

For many years, proudly supplying our key products such as rollers and drives to the following partners in the tire handling industry.

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Partnership between Sauber F1 Team and Interroll Group

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