Conveyor rollers from the market leader

Interroll, the world’s leading provider of solutions for use in internal logistics, has already manufactured five hundred million conveyor rollers, also known as Steel Rollers, PVC Rollers and Slave Rollers. This underlines our company’s leading international position with key products for use in internal logistics. Rollers from Interroll are the products of choice for transporting containers and pallets in the distribution centers of postal and courier services, mail order companies, airports and production plants, but also in other industries such as supermarkets and the e-commerce sector.

We offer 60,000 different versions for you to choose from.

Interroll Products

Gravity Conveyor Roller Series 1100

Low friction roller for gravity or non-driven application. Low inertia due to low rolling resistance of roller. Excellent start up...

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Steel Conveyor Roller Series 1200

Full steel heavy duty roller design. Roller for driven and non-driven application. Roller for low (-28°C) and high (+80°C) temperatures....

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Heavy-duty Conveyor Roller Series 1450

Universal conveyor roller for heavy loads, such as driven or non-driven pallet handling. Low noise operation due to precision bearing,...

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Slide Bearing Conveyor Roller Series 1500

Totally enclosed roller due to plug-type housings. This prevents water from entering the roller. Roller for gravity and non-driven...

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Universal Conveyor Roller Series 1700

Wide range of driven and non-driven application. High speed roller conveyor. Low noise operation due to precision bearing, polymer housing...

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Tapered Universal Conveyor Roller Series 1700KXO

Roller Series 1700 with pressed on Polypropylene taper segments. Taper segments secured against axial movement. Larger end closed by cap....

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Fixed Drive Conveyor Roller Series 3500

Series 3500 is based on Series 1700. Housing on non-driven side is identical to Series 1700. Roller for driven applications with a wide...

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Friction Conveyor Roller Series 3800

Drive sprocket is not fixed to roller, creating a friction clutch on one side of the roller. Torque of the drive is related to the load on...

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Heavy-duty Conveyor Roller Series 3950

Low noise roller for heavy duty driven applications. Polyamide sprockets and housings. Non driven side of roller is identical to Series...

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