DriveControl 9006

  • One card controls EC100, EC110 and EC120 RollerDrive
  • Standalone ZPA control, operates in both standard and enhanced singulation
  • On-board adjustable speed, acceleration and deceleration
  • Interfacing I/O provided for controlling speed, starting, stopping, sensor monitoring and operational status
  • Drop-in replacement for Interroll P/N 8996A, 8916, 8916A, 9000 and 9004 DriveControls
  • Constant speed up to nominal load
  • Eliminates the need for external controls in most cases
  • Saves costs via rapid installation and easy configuration

General technical data

Rated voltage

24 VDC

Nominal voltage

22-28 VDC

Permissible voltage undulation


Max. continuous current

EC100: 1.8 A
EC110: 2.4 A
EC120: 2.5 A

Max. start-up current

EC100: 4.1 A
EC110: 4.1 A
EC120: 5.1 A


5A Slow Blow

Ambient conditions

Ambient temperature in operation

32° - 104° F

Ambient temerpature during transport & storage

-4° - 167° F

Max. air humidity

90% non-condensing

DriveControl 9006 (PDF. 195 KB) Download